With the state of the economy, everyone is beginning to turn to consignment stores as a way to add to their wardrobe or furnish their home with out breaking the bank.  For many of us, our closets are full of things we loved, but realized later we really don't.  Then there's a stack of "get back into" jeans and things we only bought because they were on sale.  If it's time to update your wardrobe and find style you'll love,  I Want That Bag is the perfect place to do it.

Our fashion rules are simpleif it doesn't fit today, or if you don't absolutely love it, consign it.

We will sell it for you and you can make a fresh start.

The Vision….

We believe our store should be more than just somewhere to shop…it should be an experience.  Our vision is to create a place for our guests to feel welcome and inspired, and empowered by a collection of goodness from local talent and consignors.  We take pride in networking with local business's and bringing awareness of what our community and surrounding area has to offer.

The best things in life seem to come in the most unexpected ways.  While looking for ways to raise funds for a school trip for our daughter, we decided to use reclaimed material, repurpose and make into useful pieces and sell them at an affordable prices.  

Little did we know this would be a glimpse of things to come…..

Give Back with Us...

Not only do we donate unsold items and unacceptable clothing to local charities, we regularly raise money for worthy causes.  Through special sales and fundraising events, we strive to give back to our local community.

Check back often for information about your next opportunity to Give Back.

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