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Consignment Aggreement

We accept items Monday - Friday 9:30-5:30,  Saturdays by Appointment ONLY!

We set up an account for you, label all your bags or boxes of items, and give you a consignment contract.

After reviewing your items , the things we accept for consignment will be counted under your account.  The things we do not take will be set a side for you to take home or will be donated with your permission.  To accommodate your busy schedules you can use our "Drop and Go" Form included on this site.

Please save us the time by pre-screening your clothing and other items for stains or wear and for appropriate brands.

We can only accept top name brands or boutique brand items that are next to new in condition.  We do not accept brands of

any major discount chain stores.  Items must be wrinkle free,  clean  and in ready to consign condition.

Consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price on consigned items exclusive of buyers fee.  No payment is received 

until after an item sells.  Funds accumulate on your account as items sell and all funds on a consignor's account are available to the consignor at  time upon request.  Checks are not automatically generated.  A $2.50 fee is deducted from all checks for processing and postage if you request to have a check mailed to you.  Unused balances accumulate as items sell and remain in consignors account until redeemed as cash or store credit towards merchandise.

Accounts that remain idle with no activity for more than two years are subject to annual maintenance fees of $20.00/year.

We accept items for the current season only.  We accept items for Spring and Summer beginning January 15th through

August 1st and those items remain on the floor until after annual summer clearance sales on or around Aug 15th.  We accept

for Fall and Winter season beginning Aug 15th through November 15th and those items will remain on the floor until after our

annual winter clearance sale the end of January and beginning of February.

Items brought in for a season remain on the floor for the entire season with the understanding that items remaining in the store at the time of the clearance sale will be included in the clearance sale at a major discounted prices.  If any items remain after clearance sales are complete, those items will be pulled from the floor.  Notice of the close of season will be sent via our Face Book networking page,  If items are not claimed after two weeks of notification they become property of I Want That Bag to be disposed of as they see fit including donations to local charitable organizations. (We encourage consignor's to donate -in most cases there will only be a few less desirable items remaining.)

All items are subject to markdowns, seasonal sales, and clearance sales at the discretion of management.  The consignment split will be on final selling price.  Any damages that occur while on the rack will be subject for  removal.

I Want That Bag Consignment Boutique is not responsible for loss of consigned articles through fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster/account funds under closing for circumstances out of our control.

In the event that IWTB should dissolve, all funds will be consumed by the business and will be invalidated,. no cash will be paid out via contracts.

- Consignment Agreement is a 90 day contract

- Price and Acceptance and Quanity of Items will be determined by IWTB

-It is the Consignor's responsibility to know termination date of 90 day contract

- IWTB will do our best to sell your items at the price initially set for a 30 day period, but  

 we retain the right to reduce an item 10% to facilitate a sale.  Upon 31 days of agreement 

 your items will be reduced by 20% of original price.  Upon 61 days of your agreement your 

 your  items will be  reduced by 50% of original price.

-We accept consignments by walk in using our for a maximum of 

  20 items, Or By Appointment for items exceeding 20 items.

-Contract Forms are available at time of Consignment by IWTB.