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I understand that only items that meet the high standards of IWTB will be accepted for resale.  If some of my items are unacceptable for resale, I instruct IWTB to either:

________________ Return my items to me, which I agree to pick up within 24 hours following notification that some items are unacceptable.  If I fail to pick up my items with 24 hours, I agree that such items will become the property of IWTB to dispose of as they see fit, including possible donation to local charity.

____________I do not wish to have my items returned to me.  I forfeit the items to IWTB to dispose of at their discretion,

 including possible donation to local charities.

                       I further understand that the items accepted for resale become subject to a consignment contract with IWTB that begins the day the items are priced and entered into the consignment data base.  Prices will be set by IWTB management at the time of consignment.  If accepted items are sold, I will receive 50% of the purchase price for clothing and accessories.

                      Any items may be subject to sales, clearance and/or price adjustments according to market demand at the sole discretion of management.  At the end of the season (spring/summer season or fall/winter season, or 90 day contract which ever applies),  unsold items for that season will be removed from the sales floor. 

Effective 2016 IWTB will no longer be responsible to return items to consignor, should you want your items returned it is the responsibility of the consignor to locate items before the end of 90 day contract or end of season sales,  exceptions will apply at discretion of management. 

                       I understand that my account balance (my share of sales proceeds) will be paid to me upon my request or I may 

apply my account balance as in-store credit towards purchases of store merchandise.  I agree to call  IWTB in advance (48 hrs of regular business days) for payment of large account balances exceeding $100 (to allow time to prepare a check).  IWTB reserves the right to with hold account pay outs of accounts accumulating or exceeding $100.00 with out 48 hour notice. 

****************************Payments on account balances exceeding $200.00 require 7 Days notice.*************************************

                     I understand that IWTB will make a concerted effort to sell my items for me, but that IWTB makes no guarantee that any of my items will sell during the 90 contract period or at any particular price. 

                    I hereby warrant that I am the owner of the items that I cosign with IWTB, and understand that I will continue to be the owner of such items for the entire consignment period.  I also agree that IWTB shall have no liability for the loss or damage to any items I may leave here due to fire, theft, accident or any other cause or account funds due to closure for unforeseen circumstances. 

 I have read and understand the How The Consignment Agreement "Drop and Go Form" works and Agree to these terms.     Y  /  N         

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   Address                                                                                                    Alternate/Cell/Work Phone

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 Consignment Agreement "Drop-and-Run Form"