Dear Valued Consignors, 

I would like to take this time to wish you all health and wellness during these trying times.


Never in my lifetime did I imagine that we would be dealing with the current situations at hand.  IWTB has been through some challenging times over the past few years and has been able to maintain operations with the supports we have received from you and our loyal shoppers.

Over the years the mind set to shop second hand has evolved for the greater good! Saving the environment by reducing, repurposing and recycling, budget savings, supporting local and giving back to the community.  If someone told me 3 months ago it would be considered a health safety issue I would have never believed it. 

Over the past few months I have struggled with the unknowns as to what challenges we will be faced with for our economy, our health and how business will continue to be a service. 

IWTB is a uniquely different consignment shop that relies on cashflow to maintain operations. Over the past 6 years we have built a community orientated business that provides a service to allow our consignors a storefront to sell their items and home based entrepreneurs to utilize our traffic for sales of their crafts.  

We have always been able to control the amount of cashflow in the respect of paying out our contracts, our operating expenses and donations towards community betterment based on the constant sales.  Our winters have been a struggle and the timing of this pandemic has hit us at the most vulnerable financial time loosing 80% of our yearly cash flow and inventory supplied by consignor during the spring drop offs.  The window left to accumulate sales for the summer has been weakened when we rely heavily on tourism sales to get through the next fall/winter. 

There have been many days when thinking of closing the doors permanently would be much easier, but that is not what starting this business was about.  The experience to our shoppers and building up our little town to entice more people to shop and support local and network not only for IWTB but every small business owner in our area.  


Now more than ever, we will all have to work harder to keep our small towns alive. Closing our doors would relieve me of obligations and be much easier on stress level. I am willing to put everything I have up against the odds to get back on track.

I understand that our cash flow contingency plan may not be the perfect solution in respect to individual situations however it is better than the alternative to close our doors permanently. 

Your relationship with us is what keeps us in business and we look forward to your support as we navigate through the challenging times a head.