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How it works

When you arrive with your seasonal consigned items please have all clothing clean and neatly folded in a bag, box or tote that can be returned to you.  Please do not bring items in black garbage bags. 

Decor items should be clean and well maintained and in next to new condition.

Our sales associates will set you up with a contract and provide you with a copy that includes your account number for you to keep for your records. 

You have the choice to wait while we sort your items and return to you what may not be selected or we can donate your unselected items on your behalf.  We appreciate a call ahead if you wish us to sort and return what may not be selected.

Our sales contract is a 90 day period or end of season.  Any items after the 90 day period that may not have sold will be donated or reiterated under sales for store profit. 

Once a sale is processed you will receive 50% of the selling price.


All items are subject to sales, discount and donation at IWTB's discretions.

IWTB will not guarantee a return unless we value an item over $50.00.  

Sales are recorded by the 15th of each month.  

It is the responsibility of the consignor to check on accounts, all funds are available for in-store credit or cash payouts in relation to our policies.  You can check your balance by calling, emailing or stopping in.


IWTB will not issue payout values to anyone that is not indicated on your contract. 

Payouts are issued in person or can be mailed out by cheque.  We do not e-transfer payouts.


If you wish to retrieve your unsold available items before the 90 day or end of season it is the responsibility of the consignor to locate the items and sign off that they were removed.

IWTB will make a concerted effort to sell your items however can not guarantee a sale.



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