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Do I need an appointment to drop items off?

We normally do not require an appointment for regular clothing drop offs but be prepared to wait while we sort your items or have a full shop of customers.  A phone call ahead is always appreciated for us to be prepared for arrivals, this is not mandatory but helpful. 


When can I drop my items off?

We accept drop offs during regular business hours, please try to avoid drop offs within the 15 min window of our closing hour.   We have reduced hours on Saturdays and usually have a high volume of shoppers that require more of our attention directed on the floor.

If Saturdays are the only days that work for you to visit us please give us a call ahead and we can make the proper arrangements for your drop off.  

Do you accept bridal or formal dresses?

No, we have tried this in the past and the trends change too quickly. Sometimes when we get may get a few formal dresses in just close enough to the season we may put them on the rack.

What sizes do you carry?

We accept extra small to extra lovely in both mens and ladies fashions.   We are lucky to have consignors of all shapes and sizes that bring in great quality items.

Do you have children's clothes?

No we don not typically carry kids clothing.  We will accept a moderate amount of children's items that sometimes come in with a regular drop off.  The children's items we do accept are on donations terms and all sales from those items are donated in support of local charities.

What do you consider vintage?

This can be tricky depending on decor or fashion.  Trendy is the key word.  Styles that are dated and not in current trends do not sell.   When in doubt give us a call.

What are some examples of things you do no accept?

Small appliances such as alarm clocks, radios, CD players, crystal collectible glassware, scrap materials, sewing machines, photo frames, mattresses, headboards, children's toys, teddy bears, dolls, china collectables, mens suits, bridal, prom and grad dresses, elastic band slacks...if in doubt please call ahead for clarifications. 

How do I know my account balance?

It is the consignors responsibility to check on the account by calling, emailing us via our social media website, Facebook or Instagram.  Calling is the best form of communication for a quick response.  

How do I receive my funds?

You can use your balance towards in-store credit when shopping at IWTB or request a cash payout when visiting the store.  If your balance exceeds $100.00 a notice of request is required before issuing the payout. Review our policies for more details. 

Where will my items be donated to?

IWTB is partnered with the Canadian Diabetes Association who regularly picks up our donations in return for a small fee that supports our community causes. IWTB will regularly donates to service clubs, recreational activities for youth, non profit community causes and local families in need.  

Can I pick up my unsold items?

You are more than welcome to remove any of your unsold available items during the 90 day period.  It is your responsibility to locate those items.  

All items are subject to removal, sales or donations.We do not guarantee returns unless we value an item over $50.00.  Any articles to be returned to you will be done during the initial sorting process. 

When does my account become inactive?

Accounts that have sat dormant  for 2 years from the time of drop off, payout or in store credit are removed from our system,  any balances are forfeited to IWTB.  It is the consignors responsibility to maintain account.   Yearly deduction fees are applicable.

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